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Waste Hauler Systems

 We carry three different brands of waste hauler systems, O’Brian, Pioneer, and Mountain Tarp. We have all these products listed in their individual categories. Also, if there is something specific that you don’t see listed, please email us or call us and we will be happy to help you find exactly what you need.

Pioneer Strong Arm


*STRONGER ARMS- 3/16" A5 Steel

*External Cylinders w/ nitrided rods

*Improved Tarp Attachment

*Best Warranty in the Industry


....Leading by Design

$6,995.00 Plus S&H


O’Brian Diablo


Ultra lightweight, fully adjustable for the weight conscience and discriminating hauler.




$6,795.00 plus S&H





Mountain Tarp Roll Off Tarper


Guaranteed to be the strongest, most durable, versatile, Roll Off Tarp system on the market today.

*Covers full range

*Covers heaping loads

*Self-Contained Hydraulic Pump



$6,295.00 Plus S&H





Pioneer Systems-WH      Mountain Tarp Systems-WH     O'Brian Systems-WH   
             OBDIABLO $6,795.00  
PNRP4500SARG $6,995.00 w/ telescoping gantry   MNROLLOFF $6,295.00    OBMAGNUM $6,595.00  
PNHR500SAR $6,695.00 w/fixed gantry   MNHITOPPER $2,200.00    OBSKYHOOK2200 $2,995.00  
PNHR2000 $3,695.00     MNSIDEFLIP $4,795.00    OBOTS $5,720.00  
PNHR1000 $2,095.00           OBACll-CH32 $6,995.00  
PNHR1500PTO $3,495.00           OBACll-CH $6,495.00  
PNHR1500E $2,495.00           OBDC $3,695.00 $3,995.00
PNHR1500H $3,195.00           OBDCXL $3,995.00  
             OBDCXL-A $4,195.00  

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